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Bluescreek Farm Meats


Cheryl Smith
59 W. Spruce St.
Columbus, OH 43215


Listing updated 06 12, 2014

beef, lamb, pork, goat, veal

Bluescreek Farm Meats is not just a butcher shop, nor is it just a small family oriented farm. Bluescreek Farm Meats is a reminder of the way things used to be. A reminder of the way our grandparents used to do things; raising livestock naturally, without growth hormones or antibiotics. A reminder of a time when you could go to your local butcher and they would be breaking down an entire side of beef or an entire lamb while you were getting your ground chuck and pork chops wrapped. A time when the butcher knew what you liked and could guide you to something new that you ended up loving. A time when the butcher knew exactly how the animals they were breaking down were raised. After more than 20 years inside the North Market as the “Mom & Pop Butcher Shop of Columbus” they are convinced that they have been doing things the right way. On-top of providing unique and hard to find quality, locally raised meats on a daily basis, they also offer CSAs, Butchery/Cooking Classes, canned beef, and more. Customers make a point to tell them “it’s worth the 200-mile round trip” or how their children won’t eat other meat because it’s “not from Bluescreek.” That validation inspires a new string of energy and aspirations for Bluescreek Farm Meats. Lookout world! Educational classes (Butcher for a day, Farm to table class, Beef 105 class, Breaking down the Hog class, Sausage making class, Lamb cutting class)

Cheryl Smith (614) 228-5727

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59 Spruce St
Columbus, Ohio  43215
(614) 223-1512

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